AI Builders, join us this week at Hack Sunday as we unite to explore artificial intelligence! We will discuss some technical topics, work on in-progress projects, and speculate on new ideas for exploration and collaboration.

​If you’re keen to build community and share your own projects or collaborate on others’, we invite you to attend.

​Please note: this is a hands-on session, so bring your laptop and come prepared to code, manage projects, engage in marketing efforts, or otherwise to contribute to advancing a project.

Hack Sunday is a weekly hack day where builders connect to learn, collaborate, and stay connected while creating.

Machine Learning Together is a recurring series within Hack Sunday, at which artificial intelligence projects are emphasized, and often feature a brief presentation or workshop on an AI topic or technique.

Hack Sunday is hosted at IRLA Studios and produced by IRL Alpha!


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The Lance Project

A fun exercise in Fine Tuning an AI model to understand additional specified information, in this case a Text to Image AI Model was trained on a member of our community, Lance. We then utilized the newly trained model to create a few fun images, such as:

‘Propaganda poster of Lance in the style of Shepard Ferry’, Lance Bond, Lance “Moebius” stable diffusion generations, and Lance with a Guitar

rippleFX Productions

I created a landing page for a few small projects I made to test the AI Audio & Video tools that we have been evaluating

Just For Fun